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Sherlock Holmes fic! PURE UNDULATED CRACK, right this way.

Title: Sherlock Holmes and the Ghost at the Avocado Grove
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Summary: Sherlock Holmes Israeli Kibbutz 1980s AU.
Warnings: Sherlock Holmes Israeli Kibbutz 1980s AU.
Notes: Thank you to my wonderful betas, kisahawklin and monanotlisa, alll remaining mistakes are my own. Cultural notes at the end of the fic.

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this madness. I wrote this story in 3 hours one night, a long time ago, and then shit happened and life got crazy and I finally pulled it out and polished it off a bit and here it is. I toyed with writing a Hebrew version as well (that would have been a significantly different story because the in jokes would be totally different) but in the end I'm just not a patient enough person to wait that long when I have a fic that's ready-to-post (I... may have impulse control issues when it comes to fic posting).

Please do not think of this as anything but the purest form of cracky crack. Also posted at the AO3.

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So recently I've gotten really addicted to this bowl of crack known as Spartacus: Blood and Sand. It's got lots of mostly-naked hot guys, horrible, cheesy dialogue, and woman who innitiate and enjoy graphic sex on screen. Oh and gay gladiators who also get graphic sex scenes, did I mention that? Oh, AND LUCY LAWLESS :D Anyway, it's a very particular kind of crack and I've finally caved and made a fanvid for it so people can have a little tidbit before deciding whether they want to watch the show.

Basically, if you like True Blood and BSG, chances are great you'll find this... charming, in a way.

I got so excited though that I forgot to post the vid in this LJ and posted it in my regular LJ instead. So, I'm linking to it from here, instead. Feedback is greatly appreciated :)

Title: Love Game
Source: Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Music: Love Game by Lady Gaga
Length: 2:26
Notes: Spartacus and Xena have merry adventures in a foreign land that looks remarkably like 300. No seriously, this is a silly vid for a silly show that has the bonus of being extremely porny and focusing on things you usually only see come kink_bingo.
Warnings: Graphic nudity and sexual content, extremely NSFW!

Here on LJ or here on DW.

Guess who saw Sherlock Holmes the other day?
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Title: Three Things That Never Happened to Irene Adler ...And One Thing That Did
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Pairing: Irene Adler/Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: Teen (*WEEPS*)
Summary: The future is sometimes not what we imagine.
Beta: by the lovely miarr, all remaining mistakes are my own.

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Fic: Stuck in Orbit (Star Trek reboot)
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Title: Stuck in Orbit
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Rating: Porn
Pairing: Uhura/Kirk/Spock
Summery: "Next time you fuck my boyfriend I'm making you in charge of the cleanup," Uhura says.
Notes: A PWP dedicated to zvi_likes_tv, myself and Elvis, on the occasion of our mutual birthday.

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So, I recently asked people for prompts, and um... got a few! Here are the results:

1.Eric is imprisoned in Camelot on account of him being a magical creature. (Merlin/True Blood)

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2. NATE AND BRAD WATCH AMERICAN IDOL ON TV. (Generation Kill, adult)

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3.Kirk and Spock go to the beach. (Star Trek XI)

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4.ERIC/GODRIC YES PLEASE (And because I love making you break your own rules: Eric topping.) (True Blood, adult)

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Taking fic prompts
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O HEY! So, I usually only update this LJ with fannish creations already completed, but this time I'm taking prompts for fics/snippets over at my personal LJ (the results will probably be posted here) so if you guys would like to prompt me, please feel free to do so either here or on that post. :)

Fic: True Blood (Godric/Eric)
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It was bound to happen eventually and bbs, I am so happy it finally has.

Title: A Deeper Hue
Pairing: Godric/Eric
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Vampire adventures through the ages.
Words: ~2300
Author's note: This is not the fic I originally wanted to write, which is both good and bad. Much thanks to miarr for squee and thoughtful suggestions along the way.

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EEEEEE 2x11!
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OMG you guys seriously this week has been kind of hell on wheels for me, but in less than two days I'm going to IRELAND! WOO! So um. Here's a picspam to brighten up your week, whether it be gloomy or sparkly.

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What we've all been waiting for
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True Blood picspam for 2x09!

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True Blood picspam 2x08
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So I made 2 True Blood picspams last night HERE'S TO HOPING MY INTERNET WILL NOT DIE ON ME IN THE MIDDLE OF POSTING as it did last night.

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