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So recently I've gotten really addicted to this bowl of crack known as Spartacus: Blood and Sand. It's got lots of mostly-naked hot guys, horrible, cheesy dialogue, and woman who innitiate and enjoy graphic sex on screen. Oh and gay gladiators who also get graphic sex scenes, did I mention that? Oh, AND LUCY LAWLESS :D Anyway, it's a very particular kind of crack and I've finally caved and made a fanvid for it so people can have a little tidbit before deciding whether they want to watch the show.

Basically, if you like True Blood and BSG, chances are great you'll find this... charming, in a way.

I got so excited though that I forgot to post the vid in this LJ and posted it in my regular LJ instead. So, I'm linking to it from here, instead. Feedback is greatly appreciated :)

Title: Love Game
Source: Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Music: Love Game by Lady Gaga
Length: 2:26
Notes: Spartacus and Xena have merry adventures in a foreign land that looks remarkably like 300. No seriously, this is a silly vid for a silly show that has the bonus of being extremely porny and focusing on things you usually only see come kink_bingo.
Warnings: Graphic nudity and sexual content, extremely NSFW!

Here on LJ or here on DW.


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